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Straddling the two industries, Radioandmusic.com is in a unique position to analyse trends, get expert speak from both sectors and offer insights in a world where changing technology is changing the equations on an almost daily basis. While we focus on the business side of the industries, we also focus on emerging areas like community radio, keep a track of the latest chartbusters and radio audience measurement statistics, and keep a tab on the latest in innovations from both sectors. Tune in to Radioandmusic.com. Now.

Supported by the Singapore government and entering into its 7th year, Music Matters will once again bring together music A-listers from across the globe, under one roof. With over 1,200 participants and 50+ bands and a previous speaker list that includes household names such as Jason Mraz, Simple Plan, Imogen Heap and Jamie Cullum, among many others, Music Matters has established itself as Asia's only annual conference and festival dedicated to the business of music. Created by, with and for the music industry, the event brings together major players from the entertainment eco-system to discuss, debate, do business and watch some of the hottest up and coming acts from Asia and around the world. Music Matters is also co-located with Digital Matters and Gaming Matters, synchronising the entire entertainment eco-system in one place.

Created, managed and promoted by Branded, the Music Matters programme is customised with the assistance of an Advisory Board comprising senior representatives from across the entertainment value chain including major artists, producers, independents, promoters, digital retail, lawyers, financiers, mobile and media.

The ongoing success of Music Matters clearly demonstrates the attention the Asia Pacific Region is deservedly receiving from the rest of the world.