Maati Baani

Maati Baani is a world music band combining elements of Rustic folk, Sufism, and different genres of World Music with Hindustani classical, Funk and New age sounds. Maatibaani literally means Language of the Earth. When musicians from different parts of the world come together in one song the boundaries are blurred, differences are celebrated and each musician speaks one language of Music. Thier songs are a collaboration of street musicians, folk artistes and top class musicians. The sound of each song is defined by thier collaborations. They travel and record the musicians and also shoot videos amidst the cultural landscape they belong to.They are the first act from India to discover and collaborate with musicians completely online, having set an example with their songs 'Balma'- an Indo-French song with 11 musicians from 5 countries and 'Rang Rangiya' - the first ever India-Pakistan peace song made with the help Youtube.