Ralph Simon

Ralph Simon is one of the founders of the global mobile content, & mobile social media industry.  Popularly known as "the father of the ring tone”, his unique understanding of Indian & world-wide smartphone lifestyles, plus mobile business models, multi-screen content and mobile social music is internationally recognised and always places him at the very forefront of the latest mobile video and music innovation. He created and grew the world's first international commercial ring tone service at the birth of mobile content and delivery.  One of the world's top 50 executives in mobile since 2005 and a popular and provocative moderator and interviewer, he is also much in-demand as a high level entrepreneur, business and brand advisor, always knowledgeable about what's coming next on mobile in India and Asia. He relentlessly searches the world for the hottest new mobile social media apps, platforms, and 'cool' mobile innovation, and knows just how to reach the world's “Screenagers”. He is passionate about India and Mumbai - his spiritual and creative home. He has a wide knowledge of Bollywood and Indian digital content and has served on the board of Hungama Digital for many years. He believes that the future  already belongs to the “Screenagers” of India.

Based in London, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and  CEO of Mobilium Global, the international mobile “ cool" hunters and start-up investors.