Tuomas Kantelinen

Tuomas Kantelinen studied classical composing in his native Finland and continues to make music for both cinema and concert audiences. He has scored orchestral film music for over 40 feature films, including Renny Harlin ?'s epic "The Legend of Hercules", Sergei Bodrov's Genghis Khan biography "Mongol", Klaus Haro's awarded "Mother of Mine", and Sweden's biggest production ever, Crusades trilogy "Arn - The Knight Templar". On the concert music side he has composed an opera, two ballets and numerous concertos, song cycles and orchestral pieces. He has been producing film music scores since 1993 and started producing feature films in 2008 with "The Italian Key", a romantic fairytale shot in Italy, India and the U.K. He recently completed background music work on a movie about Guru Nanak's life, "Nanak Shah Fakir" for which he worked with his friends and frequent collaborators, sound designer Resul Pookutty and composer A.R. Rahman.